[sane-devel] Microtek2 (Visoneer)

Ira Childress ichildress@mn.rr.com
09 Dec 2002 15:07:06 -0600

I'm probably making this more difficult than it really is, but I just
can't seem to get the scanner working.  I just purchased a Scanport 3000
which is suppose to be a Microtek scanner, but usbview shows it as a

	USB Scanner
	Manufacturer: Visioneer
	Serial Number: RTS8801B-0001
	Speed: 12Mb/s (full)
	USB Version:  1.10
	Device Class: 00(>ifc )
	Device Subclass: 00
	Device Protocol: 00
	Maximum Default Endpoint Size: 8
	Number of Configurations: 1
	Vendor Id: 04a7
	Product Id: 0224
	Revision Number:  1.00

sane-find-scanner shows it as (root only, regular user doesn't see

	found USB scanner (vendor=0x04a7, product=0x0224) at libusb:002:002

I read some of the FAQs and it wasn't immediately obvious what files
needed to be modified for the vendor code and just poking around in the
files didn't reveal anything like 04a7.  I did find some entries in
Microtek.c for two byte codes and tried modifying and recompiling, but
it didn't make any difference. I'd like to get this working for a very
selfish reason: my tag line says that I'm a Micro$oft free environment
and I'd like to keep it that way. ;)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!


               *** This is a Microsoft free environment ***

Ira Childress
Sun Certified Engineer
Vertias Certified Engineer