[sane-devel] Network scanning with sane and g85

Brent Hasty blueeagle1@crosswinds.net
Tue, 10 Dec 2002 15:00:43 -0800

I have a HP G85 running stabily on spool a small print server, It is setu=
p to=20
scan and does a very good job (ecept sheetfeed dont work automagically us=
xsane). I am currently ssh'ing over to spool from any of the terminals on=
terminal server. I would like to setup the feature of sane that lets you=20
nework export and network acess scanners not locally connected. I have=20
followed the how too, without sucess.
Has anyone out there sucesfully made the scanning feature of a g85 avalia=
to other clients on the network?
if so how?
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