[sane-devel] Umax Astra 3400

Kiran kiran@mutantape.com
18 Dec 2002 23:53:16 -0600

I'm pretty new to the Linux Scanner world but I'm trying to ween myself
off of photo shop and illustrator as much as can be blah blah blah, but
the scanner thing is a huge deal since I do have to scan things on a
regular basis. Well long before I even thought of really doing graphics
work on Linux I bought an Astra 3400 (Umax). I've seen that it seems to
be supported in theory under USB but it doesn't register as a scanner
even though sane-find-scanner shows it to exist as a scanner (in the
vendor/product chip ID's) it doesn't show up when I try to open sane.
I've tried adding the product_ID and vendor_ID to the [usb] section but
this doesn't even help. Sane just doesn't see it even though the system
seems to. Am I missing something? I feel as though I'm doing something

Astra 3400 (PID of "0x0060" from "sane-find-scanner -f") 
RHL 8.0 
plustek.conf is stock except for the addition of the vendor/product

I'd rather not buy another scanner.......