[sane-devel] scanner and CD-R problem (ide-scsi)

c1sc0@mac.com c1sc0@mac.com
Tue, 24 Dec 2002 09:35:05 +0100

I'm trying to setup a new SCSI scanner on a system using an Adaptec 
2906 SCSI adapter. The system has a CD-RW drive connected via IDE-SCSI 
on internal IDE bus 2. The CD-RW is recognized and works perfectly. The 
Adaptec card is recognized in Harddrake and seems properly configured 
as far as IRQ conflicts go, uses aic7xxx driver. When I look at 
/proc/scsi/scsi the only device found is the one sitting on the 
ide-scsi bus. Nothing is detected on the Adaptec bus. How can I 
convince my system to scan the Adaptec bus?

* Mandrake 9.0
* Elite motherboard, Celeron 1700, 512 MB SDRAM, TNT2 VGA 32 MB, 
Adaptec 2906
* CD-R/CD-RW: Samsung 48x CD-Writer
* Scanner: Vuego / Acer / Benq 610s

Any help would be appreciated. I've done a little research and I think 
the problem is ide-scsi related. I'm coming from OSX so I'm a bit new 
to the Linux way of handling this stuff - Cisco