[sane-devel] Vuego 310S scanner help

David Blomberg dblomber@libertec.com
25 Dec 2002 08:47:32 +0900

A friend has asked me to help locate a problem he has on his new
Mandrake 9.0 system in which the system shows the scanner but XSANE does
not see it.  in his own words:

"My scanner is a vuego 310s. I installed it under win95. it works well
under win98se
I installed an interface card in an isa-bus slot and hooked the scanner
to the pc using an old fashioned scsi cable ... wide as distinct from
the modern ones which do not have 
The Vuego is listed by Mandrake anderhardware > scanners
as su I set up the scenner using this program and was told scanner
installed use xsane to run it
when I hit the xsane button I got the response xsane: no devices

so I went to SANE on the web and looked at sane-snapscan.5 (it lists
Vuego 310s) which I have printed out and am trying to understand

       This backend expects device namse of the form:

I had him run sane-find-scanner which you can find the listing for in
"vuego.txt" and then being we are not sure which dev the scanner is
under I had him give me a listing of the /dev and sub-dirs (happy.txt) 
If anyone has any help to offer please let me know as he really would
like to get this fixed.

Thank You

David Blomberg