[sane-devel] Scanning medium format (60mm) negatives ?

Gregor Hoffleit gregor@hoffleit.de
Fri, 1 Feb 2002 16:54:32 +0100

* Karl Heinz Kremer <khk@khk.net> [020201 15:04]:
> Gregor Hoffleit <gregor@hoffleit.de> said:
> [ ... ]
> > 
> > (a) SANE support: Most scanners with film adaptor units that I can see
> > are either not supported at all with not much hope (Canon D660U, the
> > Umax ones) or only in very early stages (Epson 1250U Photo).
> All EPSON scanners with that support a TPU besides the 1250 will work for
> you. I have first hand experience with the Perfection 1200 TPU, which is
> the same as the one for the 1240 if you can still find this scanner. The
> Perfection1640 or 2450 will also work. If you are willing to spend even
> more, the Expression 1600 and 1680 are also supported and work quite well
> (again, I have first hand experience with these models). 

That's fine to hear, since I have had rather good experiences with Epson
until now.

Just for clarification: You say 'All ... besides the 1250'. Besides the
fact that the 1250 is not yet supported by a SANE driver, do you know if
the TPU of the 1250 would be well suited for medium format ?

I'm in the lucky situation that I could wait for a SANE driver... and
it sounds like support for the 1250 is not too far away (even if not in
your driver), and the 1250 Photo seems to be the cheapest EPSON solution
with a TPU. Alternatively, I would be happy if you could tell me a good
source in Germany for the other EPSONs ;-)

Thanks very much,