[sane-devel] E5 based scanners

seednet kwlee88@tpts5.seed.net.tw
Fri, 15 Feb 2002 18:47:13 +0800

E5 asic is designed by Primax and last one designed by themself, after that
they use ASICs from other IC design house. and E5 already be design
two years ago:( the representive one is Visioneer 8100

All the E series drivers use same framework, but E5 is more powerful than
and have different settings

I published E3&4 Linux drivers http://www.littlscms/iphoto/otlinux.htm
and get agreement from Primax, so anyone want to license, should
ask Primax Taiwan
> Is anyone working on a scanner with the E5 asic?
> Does anyone have some docs about that chip?
> I've hacked the viceo driver a little and I can get some movement
> (actually something that look like a scan) from my Memorex 6142u, but the
> result is a black image. The viceo work with the E3 and E4 chips.
> Does anyone knows where the windows sources from the viceo driver are
> coming from, and their legal status (licence)?
> Frank.
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