[sane-devel] Mustek ScanMagic 4800P with Sane 1.0.7

Michael Hanselmann michael.w.b@bluewin.ch
Sat, 16 Feb 2002 13:23:00 +0100


I want to make a little 'Scanserver' with Sane based on fli4l, which is 
a Linux-Router-Project (www.fli4l.de, german). I've the Mustek Scanimage 
4800P, which should be supported by mustek_pp.
OK, so because fli4l is based on glibc5, i've compiled Sane 1.0.7 on a 
SuSE Linux 5.3 and copied all things needed by Sane to my Testpc.

Then I had configured Sane (*.conf) and want to start scanimage with
# scanimage -d mustek_pp:/dev/lp0
then it returns:
* scanimage: open of device mustek_pp:/dev/lp0 failed: Invalid argument

Then I think that the lp0 has the false rights an I set the rights to 
777 (with chmod) but then the same output cames from scanimage.
I've made a link /dev/scanner which points to /dev/lp0. If I then run 
sane-find-scanner, it will hang and I've to kill it.

The Ports-Settings in mustek_pp.conf should be right (0x378).

The curios thing is that the scanner runs _once_ (at Thursday night), 
but since then it wouldn't run again.

Then I connected the scanner to my 'big' System, which is based on SuSE 
Linux 7.2. I've compiled Sane with this system an then I tested it, but 
scanimage return the same error.

Has anybody a tip for me? Or have I to use an older version of sane?

Greets Michael