[sane-devel] Scanner

Stefan Nilsen stefan.nilsen@telia.com
Tue, 19 Feb 2002 21:35:45 +0100

> I have a problem about my Scanner HP 2200C Usb,my configuration of
> Linux (Mandrake 8.1) doesn' t recognized it!!
> In your site there's no drivers about it.
> There's something then I can do in order to use it? Tips & Tricks or
> something else?

Install SANE 1.07

Edit plustek.conf to include the following lines:

[usb] 0x03F0 0x0605
device /dev/usbscanner

execute the following command (as root):

modprobe scanner vendor=0x3f0 product=0x605

Now you should be able to use the scanner.

Good luck.