[sane-devel] Mustek backend not scanning full page

Eric Ritchie ericritchie@yahoo.com
Sat, 6 Jul 2002 22:28:38 +0100 (BST)

Hi folks,

I am a new sane user with an annoyingly close to
working set up. I am running sane version 2.0.8 on a
Suse Linux 7.3 i386 platform (2.4.10 kernel). I have a
Mustek Paragon 600 II CD connected to an Adaptec AVA
1505 ISA SCSI card.

I can quite happily make perfect quality scans at very
decent scanning speeds, however, they are just a
little bit short. The Mustek scanner should have a
scannable area of 29.7 (A4) by 22cm (A4 plus a bit?).
Unfortunately the preview scans of both xsane and
xscanimage are 28.7 by ~21 cm which crops the end off
a sheet of A4. I can see no way of adjusting this
limit (which I assume has been set to prevent hardware

Can anyone tell me how I can scan the end of a sheet
of A4 with this scanner?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Eric Ritchie.

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