[sane-devel] IBM ADF Scanner

gboutwel gboutwel@praize.com
Wed, 10 Jul 2002 18:27:34 -0600


  It seems funny that with all the IBM commercials 'advocating'
linux (you know the ones about basketball with players like linux,
mainframe, security, etc) that more IBM hardware would have Linux
support.  Ok... I'm done with my rant.

  I have an IBM ADF Scanner.  The drivers I have for it are for
Win 3.11, they worked under Win95, but I haven't gotten the scanner
to work at all (or drivers for it) for Windows NT/2k.  So I thought
maybe I could get it working under linux.

  It doesn't appear to have an SANE backend for it.  IBM's web-site
for this scanner (yes it's still available... just go to support
& downloads and search for IBM ADF Scanner) says that it's compatible
with an HP ScanJet IIcx, that does have an SANE backend for it.

  I'm wondering what SANE developers think of the chances of
the SANE backend for the HP ScanJet IIcx scanner working for
this scanner as well?



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