[sane-devel] xsane-0.87 released

Oliver Rauch oliver.rauch@rauch-domain.de
Fri, 12 Jul 2002 19:19:36 +0200


I just released xsane-0.87.
It can be downloaded from:


There are a lot of changes and improvements:

 - preview_update_maximum_output_size: function sets block bit
   at beginning of routine and resets it at end of routine, this
   way it is made sure that the function is not called
   recursive. This avoids infinite loops when backend
   changes geometry options.

 - xsane-device-preferences.c: saving and loading device options
   does test for num_options now

 - added xsane.ipc_pipefd and gdk_input_add(xsane.ipc_pipefd,...),
   a child process can write to the pipe and xsane displays the
   text in an error dialog (not for win32)
 - added inter process communication pipe. When a child process
   wants to display an error message it can write the message to
   ipc_pipefd[1] and xsane will display the message in an error dialog

 - xsane_back_gtk_decision_dialog can handle multiple dialogs now,
   (used by xsane_back_gtk_error/warning/message/info

 - added clear/redraw histogram to xsane_set_sensitivity()
   removed clear/redraw histogram near calls to xsane_set_sensitivity()

 - add xsane_sigchld_handler to cleanup zombie child processes,
   this replaces xsane_mail_send_process_exited()

 - changed progress bar pipe of ocr program:
   -default option is "-x" (gocr)
   -default progress keyword is "" (gocr)
   -expects to values: "%d %d\r", main, sub
    first value is used for progress bar, both are printed as text

 - moved at the end of function xsane_device_dialog()
   the call xsane_set_all_resolutions(); after xsane_refresh_dialog();
   this way the backend default resolution is not overwritten at program startup

 - changed calculation of aspect for startimage in preview_update_surface() from image
   to preview aspect

 - xsane-scan.c saving lineart image as grayscale does work correct now:
   - fwrite writes correct number of bytes
   - x value is stored in global struct XSane so that it is not reset at
     the beginning of xsane_read_image_data()

 - moved ocr routine from xsane-viewer.c to xsane-save.c

 - ocr routine can be selected by saving image as ".txt" or ".text" format

 - added filetype menu to fileselection dialog

 - changed behaviour of filetype menues: the extension immedeatly is added to/changed in
   the filename (and is not added/corrected when the scan begins).
   Now the filetype menu does behave the same way as gimp does. This means that
   you e.g. can select filetype "jpeg" and name the file "image.pnm", in this
   case the filetype is (like selected) "jpeg". I do not like this, but this is
   how most programs do handle this situation.

 - filetype is saved in preferences

 - filetype "by ext" is handled as "" instead of NULL now

 - selected working directory is saved in xsane preferences

 - error_xpm, warning_xpm and info_xpm got a little 3d look

 - added test for gtk2 to aclocal.m4 and configure.in/configure

 - added bind_textdomain_codeset(xsane.prog_name, "UTF-8"); after bindtextdomain

 - gtk-fileselection for selecting directories: for gtk2:
   - selection_entry hidden
   - added "/." to end of predefined path
   - for gtk1 the text in selection_entry is removed from the filename after selection has

 - updated translations: de, tr, ja, es, fr, cs, sv

 - new translation: sk (slovakian), thanks to Zdenko Podobný <zdpo@mailbox.sk>


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