[sane-devel] Adaptec 2904 and Paragon MFS-8000SP

Erik Inge Bols° knan@mo.himolde.no
Mon, 15 Jul 2002 22:01:21 +0200 (CEST)

On Mon, 15 Jul 2002, abel deuring wrote:
>christoph bier wrote:
>> scsi0 : Adaptec AHA274x/284x/294x (EISA/VLB/PCI-Fast SCSI) 5.1.33/3.2.4
>>           <Adaptec AIC-7850 SCSI host adapter>
>> scsi : 1 host.
>>      Vendor:           Model: *M"└    1/43/41/2├      Rev:
>>      Type:   Sequential-Access                  ANSI SCSI revision: 00
>The output for "model" and for "type" look quite wrong. While a few

And perhaps most telling: "ANSI SCSI revision: 00" ... never seen any
device that got that wrong. I'd say sacrifice a chicken or two and retry
the cabling.

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