[sane-devel] can the positions in the negative holder be added the epson backend

rob mailingLists@pangolin.org.uk
24 Jul 2002 23:52:31 +0100


sorry about the long and unwieldly subject but I couldn't think of a
shorter way of saying it. 

Would it be possible to add the positions of the negatives in the
negative holder to the --quick-format option so that I could go
something like:

scanimage --quick-format negative3 > myNegative.pnm

and get back a scan of the 3rd negative in the negative holder.

or even better --quick-format negative1-12 and get back 12 individual
scans of the negatives (or perhaps scanning multiple negatives would be
better left to xsane).

I can give you the dimensions for the negative and slide holder that
come with the epson 2450 I don't know if they're the same for other

This would be massively useful as scanning more than 1 negative just
isn't possible with xsane. And is only possible with scanimage if you
write a script to calculate the positions of the negatives, which is
real pain and probably beyond many users (Roland Roberts was kind enough
to provide me with a script that has this functionality).