[sane-devel] Worsening Scans from Epson Perfection 1640

Roy Murphy murphy@panix.com
Mon, 29 Jul 2002 22:47:57 -0400

'Twas brillig when Karl Heinz Kremer scrobe:
> > I did some more testing and it seems to be an xscanimage problem.
> > Plain old scanimage dosn't exhibit the same problem.  I have a
> > different problem at high resolutions (>600 dpi).
> Have you tried XSane? 

I downloaded and compiled it tonight.  It shows problems similar to 
scanimage, not xsacnimage.

> When you did the test with scanimage, did you use
> the same options as with xscanimage? 

Other than the size and position of the scan window, the options were
the same: 8 bit color, various resolutions over the same region.  Here's
another problematic scan.  The first one is good at 300 dpi, the second
is garbled at 720.  (I had success right up through 600 dpi).

> > I get a "usb_control/bulk_msg: timeout" message on the console and
> > the epson error light is blinking.
> Which kernel version are you using? 

2.2.19  I know, I should upgrade to a 2.4 kernel.

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