[sane-devel] Mustek backend in 1.0.7 and 1.0.8

James Tappin james@xena.uklinux.net
Sat, 1 Jun 2002 17:13:53 +0100

I've been having a problem with the Mustek backend with the last 2 releases 
of SANE. Basically 
scanimage -d mustek:/dev/scanner > tmp2.pnm
stops part way through the scan with the error (after setting the debug 
level to 255):

[mustek] dev_cmd: finished: dst_size=0, status=Success
[mustek] sane_get_parameters: frame = 0; last_frame = true; depth = 8
[mustek] sane_get_parameters: lines = 826; ppl = 612; bpl = 612
[mustek] sane_read
[mustek] reader_process: 107 lines per buffer, 612 bytes per line, 65484 
bytes per buffer
[mustek] reader_process: limiting block read to 16397 buffers (826 lines)
[mustek] dev_block_read_start: entering block for 826 lines
[mustek] reader_process: buffer 1: entering read request for 65484 bytes 
(buffer 1)
[mustek] reader_process: buffer 1: entered (line 107 of 826, buffer 1)
[mustek] reader_process: buffer 2: entering read request for 65484 bytes 
(buffer 2)
[mustek] reader_process: buffer 2: entered (line 214 of 826, buffer 2)
[mustek] reader_process: buffer 1: waiting for request to be ready
[mustek] reader_process: buffer 1 is ready, wanted 65484, got 65484 bytes
[mustek] reader_process: buffer 1: sending 65484 bytes to output_data
[mustek] output_data: data=0x8053ec8, lpb=107, bpl=612, extra=0x8073e68
[mustek] output_data: write 107 lpb; 612 bpl
[mustek] sane_read: read full buffer of 32768 bytes (32768 total bytes)
[mustek] sane_read
[mustek] output_data: end
[mustek] reader_process: buffer 1: entering read request for 65484 bytes 
(buffer 3)
[mustek] reader_process: buffer 1: entered (line 321 of 826, buffer 3)
[mustek] reader_process: buffer 2: waiting for request to be ready
[mustek] reader_process: failed to read data, status: Error during device 
I/O, buffer: 2
[mustek] sane_read: read last buffer of 28672 bytes (61440 bytes total)
[mustek] sane_read
[mustek] sane_read: pipe was closed ... calling do_stop
[mustek] do_stop
[mustek] Scanning time was 5 seconds, 98 kB/s
[mustek] Scanned 61440 bytes, expected 505512 bytes
[mustek] do_stop: terminating reader process
[mustek] do_stop: reader process terminated: Success
[mustek] dev_cmd: fd=3, src=0x401b45a8, src_size=6, dst=(nil), dst_size=0
[mustek] dev_cmd: sending:  1b 00 00 00 00 00
[mustek] dev_cmd: finished: dst_size=0, status=Success
[mustek] do_stop: closing scanner
[mustek] do_eof: closing pipe
[mustek] sane_cancel
[mustek] sane_cancel finished
[mustek] sane_close: handle=0x8052498
[mustek] sane_exit
[james: 17:02] :_

The scanner is a ScanExpress 12000SP scsi scanner. This problem occurs 
consistently with both 1.0.8 and 1.0.7 but it works fine with 1.0.6 and 
earlier versions (there may have been intermittent problems with 1.0.5 I 
don't recall for certain that far back).

I do have the full output of both 1.0.8 and 1.0.6 if that's necessary but 
there's a fair bit of it.


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