[sane-devel] Problems porting to cygwin

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle@yahoo.fr
Thu, 6 Jun 2002 01:09:28 +0200 (CEST)

> Sylvain,
> 	could you explain this a little further for me
> please?
> Jim
No problem. Links don't exist in Windows.
Why ? Because M$ wants to make dos/console mode

There are only shortcuts, stored as name.lnk, that
contain :
- an icon (or path to the icon)
- a path to the target
- a comment.

So the use of cygwin to simulate a link is :
- empty icon (this would be meaningless)
- empty path (this is not convenient as it is in
C:\blah\blah\filename format)
- store the unix path in the comment
-> possible because any text can be stored in that
place. don't remember how much the string can be long.

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