[sane-devel] few newbie questions/problems

Jochen Eisinger jochen.eisinger@gmx.de
Sun, 09 Jun 2002 20:19:10 +0200

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Grzegorz Jaskiewicz wrote:
> 1) how should i configure sane 1.0.7, in Rh 7.3 i am using to work with
> my scanner. Even if it can only switch off the light.
It's a mustek pp scanner, so you could try the mustek_pp backend...


gives the correct link as best hit... How to configure the backend is
also described in the man-page man sane-mustek_pp (you can also access
this information through the SANE homepage).

However, your scanner isn't supported yet (not even partially)

> 2) Does somebody still work on that scanner back end ? I not, and
> somebody has resources (disasm of drivers, some documentation) i  will
> gladly finish it. No problem for me, i don't have much time. But that
> will be for me use full so i can do that.
I do. I also have source codes from mustek...

> 3) Somebody should add newbie guide on sane site ! There is nothing for
> unexperienced users. 
Ah, we have a volunteer here! Btw, it's hard to write newbie guides, if
nobody reads them... ;-)

Well, stay tuned, sooner or later a driver for your scanner will pop up.

-- jochen

...and I doubt complaining to the author will get you
anything but a free procmail rule.

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