[sane-devel] RFC: SANE2 and previews

Oliver Rauch oliver.rauch@rauch-domain.de
Fri, 14 Jun 2002 19:04:31 +0200


I will add it to the todo list.


Major A schrieb:
> Another suggestion for SANE2:
> In sane_control_option(), the info passed back in *i should allow the
> backend to ask for the preview to become invalid. I think this would
> be useful for backends which can change something fundamental (like
> exposure) that changes the way the image is scanned. This is not
> essential, it would just make the interface more idiot-proof: a
> frontend could mark the preview as invalid (with a red line through it
> or similar -- not by deleting the preview!) to indicate that the image
> to be scanned will be different from the one in the preview.
> Therefore, how about SANE_INFO_INVALIDATE_PREVIEW ?
> We could also go for a more elaborate approach which allows the
> backend to request corrections to the preview. If, for example, red
> channel exposure is increased by a factor of 1.2, it would be possible
> to correct the preview without scanning a new one. (Note: this could
> be the exposure time of the scanner, which is independent of the
> LUTs.) Any suggestions?
>   Andras
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