[sane-devel] frame alignment with nikon ls-40 (coolscan2) strip feeder

James Beard j.beard@lexicon.net
25 Jun 2002 23:44:12 +1000

Hi again,

The ls-40 comes with a six frame film strip feeder.  However, the
alignment of the finished scans is off by a fair amount.  For an example
check out http://www.lexicon.net/hertz/res/images/alignment.jpg

Examining the way I orient the film, the scanner doesn't seem to be
pulling it in far enough before scanning.  As far as I can tell, the
scanner just counts sprocket holes until it reckons the film is aligned.

I spent more time looking through the man pages this time, but still no
joy.  I could start experimenting by butchering some of the sprocket
holes, but I thought I would try the list first.  Any ideas, or
suggestions on better places to ask?