[sane-devel] How can I check for libieee1284 present?

Matthew Duggan stauff@guarana.org
Thu, 27 Jun 2002 22:23:16 +1000


I'm not quite sure what you mean, but I assume you're trying to compile
the canon_pp backend, since it's the only one that uses that library.
The configure script in sane-backends should check if you have
libieee1284 >= 0.1.5 (the required version), and enable or disable the
backend from there.

If you're _not_ using the canon_pp backend, don't worry about it.  You
don't need the library for anything else.

If you want to check what version of libieee1284 is present that's a bit
harder, but if you find the .so file (in /usr/local/lib by default),
version  0.1.5 and above will be libieee1284.so.3*.

- Matthew Duggan

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> Good day.
> How can I check for presents of libieee1284 at compilation stage from
> code? Header ieee1284.h doesn't have any specific defines and I didn't
> any ones in config.h from sane distributive.
> Thanks.
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