[sane-devel] New Backend newbie question

Steven Ellis pinguellis@yahoo.co.uk
Sun, 3 Mar 2002 15:53:44 -0800 (PST)

Well as notional maintainer/developer of the viceo
backend I had better get involved here.

> On Sun, Mar 03, 2002 at 07:32:05AM -0500, Sunil
> William Savkar wrote:
> > As a lawyer, I am unsure there is an issue here
> with integrating the
> > Visioneer back-end, since if it indeed has been
> released to the public
> > with open ownership (i.e. no strict license rights
> and thus if anything
> > a broad license akin to ownership), then you could
> make some
> > modifications to it and as long as there is
> authorship acknowledgement,
> > your modified back-end can be included with the
> GPL.
> >
> > IN essence the underlying code is public w/ a
> non-GPL license, but the
> > code + changes would be under GPL.  If someone
> wants non-GPL code at
> > that point, they would have to grab the originally
> released Visioneer
> > code.
> All this is only valid if Visioneer explicitely
> states that they allow
> this usage of the code, that is, modifying and
> relicensing is allowed.
> If they just put it on their webserver or send it by
> email without any
> statement, it can be used but not copied, modified
> or published. At
> least that's the law in my country (IANAL).
> So where is the original code from? Is there a link
> on the Visioneer
> website? Or did the backend maintainer get the code
> from Visioneer?
> What did they write literally when they published
> the code? 

The http://www.littlecms.com/iphoto/otlinux.htm has
the patches for the E4 based scanners, which included
a whole batch of code for the Windows drivers that
kwlee acquired from some unspecified source.

This is a generation newer than my scanner so I
contacted kwlee and got the source for the E3 scanners
to integrate. At this point I continued the
development which can be found at

I am more than happy to GPL my modifications, but none
of the scanner manufacturers will talk to me about
licencing the source code.

My scanner is from Genius, and their webpage points
back at my driver :->

I haven't heard back from Visoneer or Primax.

I'd love to get the code properly integrated. For now
it is a patch to various releases of Sane.

One other issue is the driver requires some
modifications to scanner.c/h which may now be
redundant. Can anyone help me out here.


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