[sane-devel] Problems with PSC 500. Please help.

David Paschal paschal@rcsis.com
Sun, 24 Mar 2002 03:34:34 -0800

Julian Coccia wrote:
> I have installed and configured the software according with the 
> instructions, but I can not get the scanner to transmit images.
> xsane tells me: NO DEVICES AVAILABLE
> scanimage --test says: scanimage: no SANE devices found
> I do have connectivity with the scanner.

Hi, Julian.  Your dll.conf and hp.conf files looked OK.  Several questions
and suggestions of things to try:

- In what directory did you place the dll.conf and sane.conf files?  It's
possible that they're also present in another location on your system
that's taking precedence.  What happens if you "cd" into the directory
containing those two .conf files and run "scanimage --test" or xsane?

- Did you recompile SANE from source code, a necessary step to activate
the OfficeJet support in the SANE "hp" backend?  It's possible that you
already had another copy of SANE installed on your system, since many
distributions install it by default these days.  If you didn't remove the
old version first, then the result could easily be what you observed.
Run the command "which scanimage".  If it says something like
"/usr/bin/scanimage", but you installed SANE under /usr/local, then this
is definitely the problem.

- If all else fails, try running
"SANE_DEBUG_DLL=128 SANE_DEBUG_HP=128 scanimage --test" and see if that
gives you any hint as to the problem.  If it doesn't help you any, then
redirect it to a file (put "2>foo.txt" at the end of the command line),
send it to me, and I'll take a look at it.

- What version of what distribution are you running?  What version of
SANE and xsane are you running?

> ptal-connect mlc:par:0 -scan
> The scanner moves a bit, but does not do anything. I have to press CTRL+C 
> after a while to get to the console.
This is only meant for low-level testing associated with the HP OfficeJet
Linux driver.  It won't do anything useful for your purposes.