[sane-devel] aha152x with mustek scanner and SANE

Mike Nix mnix@wanm.com.au
Wed, 9 Oct 2002 12:30:47 +0800


I've been trying to get the aha152x driver working with an adaptec SCSI card
(aic-6360 based ISA card) and mustek MFS-12000-SP scanner with partial

I have had the scanner working with a DTC card and the NCR driver, but as it
has no interrupts, and took the systems entire attention for 30 seconds to
scan,  I needed to change the card.

With the aha152x diver, the scanner is found & initialized and the scan
commences - but about the time the first data is returned from the scanner I
get a NULL pointer exception.

It is happening in aha152x.c about line 1523 :  (the line number is
approximate, I have edited the file a bit)
SCpnt->SCp.ptr = SG_ADDRESS(SCpnt->SCp.buffer);

It is on the first call to internal_queue where SCpnt->use_sg is non-zero.
The exception occurs because SCpnt->SCp.buffer->page is NULL

This is 100% repeatable, and I added some code to return FAILED when the
problem occurs - so I can run tests easily enough.

I realize this is likely a SCSI driver problem, but imagine someone might
have seen it before.
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