[sane-devel] possible sane problem, not sure

Karl Heinz Kremer khk@khk.net
Sun, 20 Oct 2002 18:37:56 -0400

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On Sun, Oct 20, 2002 at 05:04:36PM -0400, Gene Heskett wrote:
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> >Unfortunately nothing in your original email suggested that you
> > were using the IScan software.
> No, as I stated, the iscan-1.0.4 build failed on the pisa_* stuff in=20
> the frontends directory.  The previous version 1.0.3, also failed=20
> at the same place, so I've always used the xsane frontend.  Below=20
> is my /usr/local/etc/sane.d/dll.conf:
[ ... ]
> showing only that 2 backends are enabled.  Am I mistaken in=20
> assumeing that the GT-7200 is coming from the iscan libraries?

The support for the GT-7200 comes either from the Plustek backend,
or from the modified EPSON backend that is provided by IScan. When you
installed only those parts of IScan that compiled, you did replace
the original EPSON backend from the Sane distribution. Support for
the Perfection 1250 and 1260 in the IScan version of the EPSON=20
backend is what got EPSON KOWA in trouble with the GPL. They provide
a binary library that adds support for these two scanners that is
linked into the backend.=20

> I did not have that option before building and installing the iscan=20
> parts that *would* compile from the iscan-1.3.0.tar.gz back when it=20
> was first announced on this list as being available.  And no=20
> replaced with supposedly identical parts from 1.4.0, however it now=20
> has a pretty obvious cyan cast to the high-lights of an image.
> I've sent the epson-kowa pages a message about the compile problems,=20
> but no reply since this is the weekend.

Is it a compile error or a link error? The package also contains another
binary library that provides the image manipulation routines from=20
EPSON's Mac and Windows drivers. This is a C++ library and therefore
requires you to use the same compiler as was used to create this library.
That is, up until GCC 3.2. From here on, it should no longer matter (once
EPSON KOWA delivers a library that was compiled with GCC 3.2).

> FWIW, the *only* active line in epson.conf is:
> usb /dev/usb/scanner0
> Everything else is commented out.  So _I_ think I'm running the=20
> epson iscan libraries from xsane when I choose the GT-7200 option=20
> from the xscan startup menu.

The backend provided with IScan is a regular Sane backend, it can=20
therefore work with all Sane frontends.=20

Have you tried the RPM package of IScan? This should get you
around the compile/link problem.

Karl Heinz
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