[sane-devel] UMAX Astra 1200S/Linux-2.4.19 Freeze

Gene Heskett gene_heskett@iolinc.net
Mon, 9 Sep 2002 14:12:40 -0400

On Monday 09 September 2002 12:50, David Ronis wrote:
>The problem turns out to be a bug in the aha152x driver introduced
> in linux-2.4.19.  A patch is out and is in 2.4.20-pre5 at

I think that driver has been buggy *much* farther back than just 
2.4.19.  I threw the cards (plural) in a drawer, and maybe they've 
been subject to a cleanout operation since.  I'd guess since 2.4.13 
at least.

I hope that wasn't the author that got killed in a heli crash in 
Alaska last week, (see /.) that would really be sad.  His last 
output, working, would be a fitting remembrance.

Cheers, Gene
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