[sane-devel] Some info on Canon FB310P scanners (actually avision)

Matthew Duggan stauff@guarana.org
Thu, 12 Sep 2002 12:12:39 +1000


Since the canon_pp backend now supports all but 2 of Canon's parallel
scanners (that I know of) I thought I'd go for the whole set and
downloaded the FB310P drivers.  They're completely different to the rest
(ie those for the 320-340 series scanners).  After a bit of poking
around I found out that they're actually rebadged Avision scanners.

The port driver file, as260n.sys (or as260.vxd on win9x), comes with
debugging symbols left in, making it very easy to extract all the nicely
named command strings with something like dumppe.  Unfortunately they're
completely different to those for the 320-340 series so I probably won't
be adding support to the canon_pp backend.

If someone is interested in writing a driver for them I'd be willing to
help, but I don't actually have one so the best I can do at the moment
is guess how they work for the most part.

For those interested, I found these model strings near the FB310P in the
dll so I assume they're similar models:
There were also a bunch of other model strings elsewhere, which I assume
are supported differently.

The only remaining Canon Parallel, the FB610P, uses different drivers
which I'll download next


Matthew Duggan