[sane-devel] canon canoscan fb320p

Matthew Duggan stauff@guarana.org
Mon, 16 Sep 2002 23:47:28 +1000

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Sent: Monday, 16 September 2002 9:23 PM
Subject: [sane-devel] canon canoscan fb320p

> Hi,
> I read the canon canoscan fb320p scanner is now supported in CVS..
> So I got the CVS source, and compiled sane-backends after installing
> libieee1284-0.2.2, and uncommented canon_pp in /etc/sane.d/dll.conf

Oh bugger..

I just noticed that I'd make changes of the "make it work" variety to my
own CVS code, and forgot to commit them to SANE CVS.  I've just commited
them, please try it out.

- Matthew