[sane-devel] SANE support for Microtek USB scanners

Manoj manoj.naik@tatainfotech.com
Tue, 17 Sep 2002 11:11:05 +0530

Does this mean that we may never be able to use Microtek USB scanners like
4800 with sane and have to go surrender to Gates and his windows for
scanning. Personally I am really disappointed!!!!

With Regards


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On Monday 09 September 2002 11:45 am, you struggled free to say:
&> here's a letter i got from microtek . I got scanner Scanmaker 3800
&> Dear sir,
&> We do not have Linux drivers, please look on :
&> http://panda.mostang.com/sane/
&> You can most probably find a driver there.
&> Regards
&> Wilfried
&> Total bulshit ... though i requested some technical information on SCAN08
&> chip .. they sent me back to the link i gave them ..

Well, that's better than what I have for a response so far (nothing.)
I guess now that the underside of my platen has some dust on it, and I've
noticed that WinXP is not supported (just 2000; the 1394 device stays
unrecognized, generally, (a 6700)) it's time to have a good look for the
obvious JTAG port or such here.

On the other hand, an Australian named Wilfried may actually understand
English or one of the easily e-mailed romance languages.... :)
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