[sane-devel] SANE support for Microtek USB scanners

Manoj manoj.naik@tatainfotech.com
Wed, 18 Sep 2002 10:33:42 +0530

On Tuesday 17 September 2002 12:38 am, you struggled free to say:
&> Does this mean that we may never be able to use Microtek USB scanners
&> 4800 with sane and have to go surrender to Gates and his windows for
&> scanning. Personally I am really disappointed!!!!

>I don't think that's what's suggested at all by the items in my last post
>the overall thin support from Microtek.  Sorry; I'll hurry it up.

Hi Steve,

The Post was certainly not aimed at You, It was just my frustration at not
being able to use my 4800 with SANE. I am fully into Linux and did not want
to install Windows just to use the scanner. I know you guys are doing your
best and will come up with a backend soon.

Thanks for the response Pl.

Warm Regards