[sane-devel] Proposal: SANE standard addition

Oliver Rauch oliver.rauch@rauch-domain.de
Sun, 29 Sep 2002 12:24:21 +0200

Henning Meier-Geinitz schrieb:
> If no one opposes I will add the following text after
> | Conceptually, each frame is transmitted a byte at a time. Each byte
> | may contain 8 sample values (for an image bit depth of 1), one full
> | sample value (for an image bit depth of 8), or a partial sample value
> | (for an image bit depth of 16 or bigger). In the latter case, the
> | bytes of each sample value are transmitted in the machine's native
> | byte order.
> "For depth 1, the leftmost pixel is stored in the most significant
> bit, and the rightmost pixel in the least significant bit."
> I'll also fix the test backend and xscanimage.

I think this is ok. I suggest to add a sentence that this transfermode
is not used very often and the backend author should be aware
that not all frontends may support this mode.


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