[sane-devel] Remote access to scanner

Martyn Ranyard ranyardm@lineone.net
Sun, 29 Sep 2002 15:33:14 +0100

On Saturday 28 September 2002 17:55, Dave Bartmess wrote:
> I'm running Mandrake 9.0, with xinetd, and was wondering how I could let
> my wife access the scanner directly from her Windows Millenium machine.
> I go into SWAT, but all I see is the ability to do file and/or printer
> shares. Is there a way to configure Samba to allow access to this device
> directly?

Samba is not what you need, as Samba implements what NT/2K/XP Server 
supports.  It would be fun to see a shared scanner from a Windows server, but 
ain't gonna happen.

From linux, you need to set up Saned, and install sanetwain or xsane for 
Status: O

windows.  This is a little more complicated than using SWAT I'm afraid, and 
if you want to do it, I suggest you learn how to use a scanner at the command 
line, as this will give you excellent experience on how to start doing it on 
a network level.

> Thanks!
> Dave Bartmess

Martyn Ranyard
Free Software Advocate