[sane-devel] Umax Astra 1200S freezing up

Petr Vicherek petr@ied.com
Sun, 29 Sep 2002 09:02:26 -0400

   When  I was using Umax 1220S with the  LSI Logic / Symbios Logic 
(formerly NCR) 53c875 (rev 03)
SCSI card, I experienced the same problem in average about every 50 scans.

If I remember well... (let me know):
   I assume, that this has something to do with the SCSI error feedback 
capability in Linux drivers.
That is perhaps also the reason for SCSI being rewritten (Hopefuly 
before 2.6), unfortunately not
exactly the way Jorge Shilling of cdrecord wanted, that is SCSI errors 
being able to callback the
calling application.

   Petr V.

Alan & Lori Smith wrote:

> Just wanted to give an update on my problem - I purchased an Adaptec 
> 2920C card and disabled disconnects in the BIOS and everything works 
> perfectly now.  Apparently the linux drivers for the Initio and the 
> Domex cards are not written as well as the Adaptec one.
>> Alan & Lori Smith wrote:
>>> I have a Umax Astra 1200S that I am using with an Initio 9100A SCSI 
>>> card under Mandrake 8.2.  I have no trouble seeing the scanner 
>>> (using sane-find-scanner) and it is recognized properly by 
>>> xscanimage.  The problem is that it locks up scanimage or xscanimage 
>>> whenever I try to make a scan.  I have had the same results using 
>>> the included Domex card as well.  I can scan properly in WinDoze 
>>> with either card.  No other devices are on the SCSI bus and I have 
>>> only a 3 foot cable.
>> First off don't believe the usual nonsense about it being a SCSI 
>> cable problem. More things have been blamed on this. I have a 1200S 
>> and have the same problem. I have had to disable SCSI Bus resets in 
>> the SCSI card bios. I had the same problem with my Adapter and 
>> Buslogic cards. Doing this makes my 1200S work with either on Linux. 
>> For some reason windows does not care but Linux does. Now, except for 
>> a few Buslogic driver problems in the 2.4 kernel, my 1200S works 
>> flawlessly.
>> Hope this helps,
>> Bruce Forsberg
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