[sane-devel] [XSane] some GUI idea.

leolarrel leolarrel@yahoo.com.tw
Tue, 15 Apr 2003 16:13:19 +0800 (CST)

Now I ever scan 135 film by XSane.I feel little

Scan 135mm film alway need to prescan to get preview.I
think pre scan is ever be uesd.But,preview window and
man window is not same.I must move mouse point between
preview window and man window to prescan or final scan
in working.some time I change differance slide
film,ten I should prescan ,but I ever to click scan
button of main window subconscious.I look epson TAWIN
interface,preview area is right on the main window.
prescan button is close on final scan button.Can we
copy TAWIN interface about this issue?

2.viewer window of final scan.
do final scan , image is show in viewer window.Now
version,viewer window is not smart.When I scan a film
by big dpi,image width and hight become big,viewer
window is too.viewer window widthly or hightly then my
moniter,I can not see status bar of viewer ,so I zoom
out image.when I choose zoom out, iamge become small,
but viewer still bigly,I still can not see status
bar,I only can adjuest viewer window manually.
It is so incommodious.It is great if viewer can auto
adjuest window width;hight when image zoom out.

Thank you.

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