[sane-devel] [XSane] some GUI idea.

Oliver Rauch oliver.rauch@rauch-domain.de
Wed, 16 Apr 2003 18:06:19 +0200

> > > You can use <ALT> p for preview scan and
> > > <CTRL> <ENTER> for final scan.
>   YA! It is great solution!
>   can do the preview window dock in main window ?
>   look like Epson TAWIN interface ?
>   I can develop GTK+ program ,but I can not develop
> function about 'Image process' can I help some thing ?

I take a look at every patch I get. But I do not apply
every patch.

Different users often have different wishes. 2 years
ago I got a lot of usefull wishes and so I implemented
a lot of the suggested functions.

In the current state of xsane most user wishes are
more a personal preference than a real improvement
of xsane.

I think the docking function is something that some users
like and others would hate it.

Before I think about changeing the user interface
I have some real improvements that I want to implement.
But I am less of time in the moment so the progress is
very slow. I hope this changes in the second half of
this year.

Best regarsd