[sane-devel] Re: How to scan both sides, grayscale 16 bits, multiple pages using Fujitsu fi-4120c?

m. allan noah anoah@pfeiffer.edu
Thu, 24 Apr 2003 16:37:14 -0400 (EDT)

peter, we are all on the sane mailing list, no need to email us all as 

i recommend that you use this scanner with scsi for now, it works much 
better than usb, especially wrt to errors.

see comments below...

On Thu, 24 Apr 2003, Peter Chen wrote:

> Hi all,
> I want to scan both sides using Fujitsu fi-4120c, so I tried many frontends,
> including xscanimage, scanadf and xsane, but I could not do it.
> I read fujitsu.c and it said I need to call sane_start again to get the 2nd
> page, is that right?

if you want duplex scanning, then you have to turn on the duplex option, 
(--duplex=both), and you have to be using a front end that understands 
duplex (i use scanadf).

> And also, how does ADF work? I read scanadf.c and found that scanadf does
> not rely on backends' ADF capability to scan multiple pages. So if I use
> Fujitsu fi-4120c, how could I setup fi-4120c to work like an ADF scanner? Do
> I need to alter SANE code flow?

no, it works fine, makes two files, one for each side. dont read the code 

> And may I setup fi-4120c to GrayScale 16 bits? That's 256 levels, right?

no, 8 bits is 256level. the 4120c can do 8bit grayscale with --mode=gray

> Should I include fujitsu.h in order to use those fujitsu_options like
> MODE_GRAYSCALE and duplex_pipe, etc? Do I need to change the symbolic link
> libsane.so to fujitsu's so?

dont do any of that. the scanner works with the default compile of the 
backend, and the commandline front ends can use the duplex.

if you get errors with this:

SANE_DEBUG_FUJITSU=12 scanadf -dfujitsu --mode=gray --duplex=both

then you may have to reboot the machine or scanner in order to try again.

send any output you find to the list, especially parts about errors.


> Thanks a lot!
> Peter

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