[sane-devel] Re: Artec 1236USB

Henning Meier-Geinitz henning@meier-geinitz.de
Wed, 30 Apr 2003 18:08:21 +0200


On Wed, Apr 30, 2003 at 08:49:10AM -0500, Theodore Kilgore wrote:
> Someone wrote in a few weeks ago about USB cameras. Well, I bought a cheap
> one day before yesterday, a "Gear to Go" which cost $18. It has vendor id
> 0x2770 and sorry that I can't give the product id from memory.  Last night
> I broke it by taking it apart and looking inside (where I found nothing I
> can report about, except there is a Samsung memory chip in it). It did
> report class:subclass:protocol of ff:ff:ff, I do remember that much. I did
> manage to set it up on a Windows box, though, and do a sniff. It did work,
> then, once, before meeting its nemesis. It installed stuff related to
> TWAIN in Windows.
> So, anyway, does anyone know who is doing things like this? Presumably it
> is not part of the SANE project even though closely related? I know
> someone else asked this recently, sorry, I think I deleted that message.

Maybe you's have more luck asking at a mailinglist of the gphoto
project (http://www.gphoto.org).

linux-usb.org shows this one:

2770  NHJ, Ltd
  9120  Che-ez! Snap Digital Still Camera