[sane-devel] [long] Want someone help me about Canon FS4000US USB/SCSI driver ?

Jonathan Buzzard jonathan@buzzard.org.uk
Thu, 07 Aug 2003 20:49:05 +0100

eric.bachard@free.fr said:
> The first reason why I'm here is because I've got a CanonScan FS4000US
> (think USB and SCSI), and this hardware doesn't work yet on Linux. 

That is a factually incorrect statement. If you are willing to part with
money, then Vuescan supports this scanner under Linux. Just because
there is no free software that supports this scanner, does not mean it
does not runs under Linux.

>  For this, I'm using both Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. The two last
> come with native provided drivers for their respective OS :-/ , so I
> can install this scanner on this one and obtain a lot of informations
> about drivers that are used, and so on.
> My purpose is to find someone who can help me to write/complete a
> driver for this hardware and perhaps include it in Sane (what a good
> project , no ?). 

Note to be really useful you are going to need to write a front end as
well, and sort out the proposed Sane2 standard so that you can get
the IR channel back from the scanner to the front end. Though you
are probably best served by getting it working with Sane1 first.

One presumes that as the scanner also has a SCSI interface that the
USB interface is just encapsulating the SCSI commands on the USB bus,
so it is probably best if you can prod it over a SCSI bus, log what
is going on and then prod it over the USB bus and see if you can
spot how the SCSI commands are being encapsulated on the USB.

The standard tools of usb snoopy and wdmsniffer come to mind for
logging the various activity on the various interfaces under Windows.


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