[sane-devel] Help scanner (II)

Juan Carlos palimsesto@ono.com
Sun, 17 Aug 2003 18:37:00 +0200

I try typing "man sane-snapscan" and I haven't this file. I read, as 
well the file snapscan.conf several times but I don't found the place ot 
the firmware file.
I try to write -as root- in that file but duplicate de file with and 
ASCII code at the end of one file (Alt-126 in Win but a mystery in Linux 
for me).
I try, again, with all the commands I said you but no sense the usb 
scanner is detectec but not work....
Please tell me one more time you answer more easily for a newest linux 
user, with the place of the files to write if it's possible....Thanks a 
I hope I don't need to be an experte to run linux normally.....I hope 
your answer too.

Juan Carlos