[sane-devel] ADF HP7450c

Christophe GIAUME christophe@giaume.com
Wed, 27 Aug 2003 09:47:49 +0200

On Tue, 26 Aug 2003, Angela Corridore wrote:
> Does anybody knows if ADF option works on OS2/Warp4 system with sane
> backend version 1.0.11 or 1.0.12 for HP7450c ?
> I´m trying this command :
> scanimage -d avision --format=tiff  --resolution=80 --adf=yes
> 1>a.tif 2>2.L
> When I do this, my scanner hang up initializing. I tried it with
> both backend version (1.0.11 and 1.0.12) and I get the same result.
> Is there any problem with this ADF option or do I miss something ?

I'm trying  to get my  HP 7450c work  under GNU/Linux with  sane backend
1.0.12 ; but ADF  does not work at  all (the scanner begins  to load the
sheet and then hangs  up) and even flatbed scan are  crap : line art and
gray scans are  black at low resolution (75 dpi)  and with awful regular
vertical black lines at high resolution  (300 dpi), and color scans have
strange colors (there is  a large red strip on a side,  and a large blue
strip on the opposite side...).

The scanner having a dual interface  USB/SCSI, I've tried with both, and
the result is exactly the same.

Of course, the  scanner works perfectly under Windows. I  really want to
get my scanner work with sane  (actually, I bought it /because/ it seems
to works well  with sane...) ; and I can send  as much debug information
as somebody who can fix the driver want.

Thank you all,

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