[sane-devel] Umax Astra 1220S

Bondan D. Abraham bona19@lycos.co.uk
Thu, 28 Aug 2003 10:16:03 +0700


I have Umax Astra 1220S with PCI SCASI Card. I tried to install under RH9 as
written in http://www.sunbirds.com/support/Astra1220S.shtml. I searched and
found the sane-1.0.3, but i could'nt find the sane-umax-1.0.4-build-25, so i
downloaded the sane-umax-1.0.5-build-31. After make install, when i tried to
find-scanner, the scanner was not found. Was it because of the
sane-umax-1.0.5 does not support the scanner or something else? Should i use
the sane-umax-1.0.4? How can i uninstall the previous failed installation?
Can anybody help me on this. Thanks a lot.