[sane-devel] About the HP Scanjet 2300C

Mickael Profeta mike@alezan.org
Mon, 01 Dec 2003 15:47:51 +0100

Jason Anderson wrote:
> Does anyone have further information on the HP Scanjet 2300C?  I will try to write a driver for it and any information on it would be appreciated.  I know that one person has made some strides and I will look at their work.


This scanner is said to be similar to 2400, but I am not very sure of 
I will try to write a driver for the 3670 wich have a similar driver (in 
windows) than the 2400, so If the first assumption is true, we may work 
for a common driver, but if I can do some tests to check if they are 
really similar or not, do not hesitate to contact me