[sane-devel] On the Scanjet 2300C (and Mr. Profeta)

Bertrik Sikken bertrik@zonnet.nl
Mon, 01 Dec 2003 22:54:17 +0100

Mickael Profeta wrote:

> Jason Anderson wrote:
>> Since I don't know much about writing drivers for Linux, I would like 
>> to see what Mike Profeta has accomplished on writing a driver.  He has 
>> mentioned that the is writing a driver for the 3670, and they're both 
>> similar.
> I would be glad to show you what I have done, but I am in the very 
> beginning of the work: I try to have informations on the usb transaction 
> under windows, and unfortunately I can hardly have more than the initial 
> transaction, and when I am lucky the packets to run a preview scan. 
> After that, the usb sniffer can not log anything...
> If someone has an idea, or some better logs for 3670/2400 or even 2300 
> if it shows to be similar, that will be very helpfull....

There was some discussion about this in august of this year.

I looked at some logs and noticed that they are similar to logs
from other scanners (hp3300, hp3400, hp4300, primefilm 1800i),
a kind of parallelport-over-USB protocol.
This means that it's quite easy to write some routines that
read/write from the internal scanner registers or transfer bulk data.

There is a perl USB log tool (originally written by Marian Eicholz)
that is able to make the logs more readable (with some persuasion).
I think the perl script is also capable of creating a file that can
be used to play back previously logged USB transfers.

Next thing is to figure out what each register does and write
a simple test tool. For example, write a tool that prints the
contents of all scanner registers and see how they change
with lamp on/off, scanner button pressed etc.

Try to capture logs under windows from several scans,
where each time a single scan option changes and the rest stays
the same, then compare the logs.

Kind regards,