[sane-devel] Enable gphoto2 backend?

Peter Fales psfales@fales-lorenz.net
Sat, 6 Dec 2003 13:45:54 -0600

Currently, building the gphoto2 backend is disabled by default and it is
only built if the --with-gphoto2 option is supplied to configure.

Since it hasn't been tested with many cameras, I was hoping that a few 
people would try it out before it was enabled for everyone.  But, I've
had almost no feedback.  Either it's working great for everyone, or (more
likely) not many people have tried it yet.  

So, I'm think about changing the configure script (acinclude.m4) to 
enable the backend by default if /usr/local/bin/gphoto2-config is found.
Anyone have any thoughts one way or the other?

Peter Fales
Peter "at" fales-lorenz.net