[sane-devel] Sane backends 1.0.13 binary packages for MacOS X.

Mattias Ellert mattias.ellert@tsl.uu.se
Mon, 08 Dec 2003 01:17:02 +0100


I have updated the binary packages on http://www.ellert.se/twain-sane/ 
to version 1.0.13. Since I now use the cross-compilation SDKs that came 
with MacOS X 10.3, I have been able to create packages for Mac OS X 
10.1, 10.2 and 10.3. I have only tested the 10.3 package myself, but if 
I do otool -L on the binaries they link to the correct versions of the 
frameworks for the others, so they should be OK -- please let me know.

On the page there are also packages for libusb for the different MacOS X 
versions that it needed in order to install the sane-package. This one 
was built using a recent cvs checkout, rather than the latest release, 
since some people with USB scanners said it worked better for them. I 
don't have a USB scanner myself to test this, so please let me know if 
this was a good decision or not.

On the page there are also packages for maciconv and gettext - these are 
only needed if you want the recompile the sources. The source with the 
patches I used are there too if you want them. The patches to 
sane-backends are now in the cvs.

If you want to build applications on top of the SANE libraries and 
compile for different versions of MacOS X using the cross-compilation 
SDKs, there are SDKs packages on the page that install header files and 
stub libraries for the different MacOS X versions into the MacOS X SDK 

With all the MacOS X versions and the SDK packages and everything else, 
the number of packages grew almost out of proportion, I hope you can 
find the ones relevant for you on the page.


PS. On the page there is also a package containing a TWAIN SANE 
Interface that allows you to scan to e.g. GraphicsConverter using the 
SANE libraries.


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