[sane-devel] Colorado 2600u

Keith Watson kpwatson@ukfsn.org
Tue, 09 Dec 2003 14:50:37 +0000

On 1/1/1970, ""SVik" " <n_svik@mail.ru> wrote:
>I've found that current version of SANE dosn't support Colorado 2600u scanne=
r. And my question is is it possible to implement backend for it?

Hi SVik,

I believe the Colorado 2600u is probably the same as the Visioneer
OneTouch 4400 USB.

I'm in the middle of capturing the USB traffic for the Visioneer variant
and hope to post a link (plus any other information I've discovered) in
the next couple of days.

You may want to duplicate my efforts and we can compare the logs and see
if these are indeed the same device.