[sane-devel] On certain functions

Major A andras@users.sourceforge.net
Sun, 14 Dec 2003 02:33:22 +0000

> Sorry if this sounds weird, but what kind of device number exactly
> goes in the parameter for the function, sanei_usb_open()?  Can I
> write:

You don't give a number, you give a pointer to a SANE_Int, as
sane/sanei_usb.h tells you:

  extern SANE_Status sanei_usb_open (SANE_String_Const devname, SANE_Int * dn);

> int Dev_num = 48;
> sanei_usb_open("/Path/to/device", Dev_Num);

Rather like this:

  int fd;
  sanei_usb_open("/Path/to/device", &fd);

After that fd will be the device handle of your opened USB device.


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