[sane-devel] In search of a master

Major A andras@users.sourceforge.net
Fri, 19 Dec 2003 08:39:50 +0000

> Does anyone know which standard header file to include for size_t?
> Shouldn't that be included in sanei_usb.h evene if a backend includes
> it anyway?

I think stdlib.h is sufficient (it defines malloc(size_t)). That's all
I can find quickly in the glibc docs, don't have K&R at hand at the

Even so, I think a better header scheme is called for. Since the
sanei_* headers are parts of the libraries that backends build upon, I
think it would be better to make a single sane.h that include
everything that is needed. The libraries can still include the headers
separately, but backends only have to use a single include to get
everything right.

Please comment.


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