[sane-devel] saned on Gentoo 1.4: disable IPv6?

Wolfgang Fabics wolfgang.fabics@chello.at
Mon, 22 Dec 2003 17:43:57 +0100

Julien, Henning,

Thanks a bunch for the insight! Some questions remain, though... if I

> If it does not start at all, that's usually an xinetd configuration
> problem. saned is only started when you connect to the port, not when
> xinetd is loaded.

That is exactly why i use xinetd for starting some services: not have
them run all the time but only when they are needed. The xinetd config
is the same as on other Linux machines I have (actually, there is not
much one can do wrong there, it seems), and other services like sshd can
be started without a problem through xinetd.

The problem seems to be that saned simply won't start at all without
parameters (even if I try to start it manually). Xinetd cannot pass
parameters to saned, so I guess that's why it won't start when xinetd
tries to fire it up.

The question now seems to be: How do i get saned to run in a usable mode
(and not in debug)?

> It didn't work with the lower debug level? That would be strange.

Oh, it did... I just did not mention the fact bcs - curious as I am -
saned -d128 was the very next thing for me to do ;-)

> That's ok. saned exits after one connection. That's why it's called
> "debug mode" :-)

<blush> */me bangs head against wall several times*

> I sure that IPv6 is not your problem. As you can "see" the scanner,
> the connection is ok. I.e. start saned again and scan directly:

Hmm... my problem is: I cannot start saned at all, despite in debug
mode. I mean, it's supposed to run if I simply type "saned", no? I do
not get any error messages, it's just not there in ps -ax (with xinetd
disabled, ofc). So I think if I cannot even start it manually, xinted
won't be able to start it as well... any idea?

> That's because you haven't disabled IPv6 support. At least glibc tells
> saned that you have IPv6.

Thanks for the hint, I'll have to look into that. BTW: Anybody by chance
know how to pass ./configure options like the one below to Gentoo's
emerge tool? Didn't find that in the relevant docs as well... 
> What is a "USE" flag?

That's a special Gentoo environment variable in the global make.conf...
tells the Portage system about compile/configure options, dependencies
asf. (if u are interested: http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/use-howto.xml).

> Check xinetd, not saned.

OK, will do (no actual idea so far but I'll keep investigating). I did
that script test you suggested, and it gives me:

# ktelnet localhost sane
Connected to horus.mshome.net (
Escape character is '^]'.
Connection closed by foreign host.

...which is (don't ask me why) the same thing I get when I re-replace
the script location with the real /usr/sbin/saned now (no "connection
refused" anymore). Sigh... I really did not change a thing since last
time :-/

Thanx a lot for your help!