[sane-devel] Sorry, another one before x-mas... GIMP!

Wolfgang Fabics wolfgang.fabics@chello.at
Tue, 23 Dec 2003 00:03:53 +0100

Sorry to bug u again, I feel somehow stupid already... but I *really*
did not find it in any manuals. The question is:

How do I compile xsane with gimp support?

I did what I could imagine to get it working (all flags set, all the
libs, header files asf. installed correctly) but xsane keeps complaining
at config time like "xsane will be built with GTK-2 but without GIMP
support." Sure, here is what I get:

xsane-0.91 © 1998-2002 Oliver Rauch
  E-Mail: Oliver.Rauch@xsane.org
  Paket xsane-0.91
  übersetzt mit GTK-2.2.4
  ohne GIMP-Unterstützung
  XSane Ausgabeformate: jpeg, png, pnm, ps, tiff, txt

So, xsane itself works fine (checked) but GIMP does not recognise it as
a plugin (yes, I have the symlinks and I cleared the pluginrc). I know
there are the xsane-gimp binaries but for several reasons I'd like to
build stuff from source. Please... the last time this year, I promise
;-)... what do I do about that?